HP Officejet Pro 8610 - Unable to scan to email

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Unable to scan to email

The email profile has not been set up correctly

Make sure the valid outgoing SMTP server settings have been specified in the HP software. For

more information about the SMTP server settings, see the documentation provided by your

email service provider.

Email messages are sent to some recipients but not to others when sending to multiple


The email addresses might not be correct or might not be recognized by the email server. Make

sure that the email addresses for all email recipients have been entered correctly in the HP

software. Check your email Inbox for any delivery notification failure messages from the email


Sending large email messages

Some email servers have been configured to reject email messages larger than a pre-

determined size. To determine if your email server has a maximum file-size limit, see the

documentation provided by your email service provider. If the email server does have such

a limit, change the maximum email attachment size for the outgoing email profile to a value

smaller than that of the email server.

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