HP Officejet Pro 8610 - Print on both sides (duplexing)

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Print on both sides (duplexing)

You can print on both sides of a sheet of paper automatically using the automatic two-sided printing

accessory (duplexer).

NOTE: Two-sided printing requires an automatic two-sided printing accessory (duplexer) to be

installed on the printer.

NOTE: You can perform manual duplexing by first printing only the odd pages, flipping the pages

over, and then printing only the even pages.

To print on both sides of the page (Windows)


From your software, select Print.


Make sure your printer is selected.


Click the button that opens the Properties dialog box.

Depending on your software application, this button might be called Properties, Options, Printer

Setup, Printer Properties, Printer, or Preferences.


Select the appropriate options.

On the Layout tab, select Portrait or Landscape orientation.

On the Paper/Quality tab, select the appropriate paper type from the Media drop-down list

in the Tray Selection area, and then select the appropriate print quality in the Quality

Settings area.

Click the Advanced button, in the Paper/Output area, select the appropriate paper size from

the Paper Size drop-down list.

For more printing options, see Tips for print success on page 49.


On the Layout tab, select Flip on Long Edge or Flip on Short Edge from the Print on Both Sides

drop-down list.


Click OK to print.

NOTE: After one page of the document is printed, you are prompted to wait for a few seconds.

Then the printer automatically reloads the paper back to print on the other side. You do not need

to manually reload the paper.

To print on both sides of the page (OS X)


From the File menu in your software, choose Print.


In the Print dialog, choose Layout from the pop-up menu.


Choose the type of binding you want for your two-sided pages, and then click Print.

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