HP Officejet Pro 8610 - Requirements

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Before you set up the HP Digital Solutions, make sure you have the following:

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For all HP Digital Solutions

A network connection

The printer can be connected either through a wireless connection or using an Ethernet cable.

NOTE: If the printer is connected using a USB cable, you scan documents to a computer or

attach scans to an email message using the HP software. For more information, see Scan an

original on page 56. You can receive faxes to your computer using HP Digital Fax. For more

information, see Receive faxes using HP Digital Fax on page 71.

The HP software

HP recommends that you set up HP Digital Solutions using the HP software provided with the


TIP: If you would like to set up HP Digital Solutions without installing the HP software, you can

use the printer’s embedded web server.

For Scan to Network Folder, Fax to Network Folder

An active network connection. You must be connected to the network.

An existing Windows (SMB) shared folder

For information about finding the computer name, see the documentation for your operating


The network address for the folder

On computer running Windows, network addresses are usually written in this format: \\mypc

The name of the computer where the folder is located

For information about finding the computer name, see the documentation for your operating


Appropriate privileges on the shared folder

You must have write access to the folder.

A username and password for the shared folder (if necessary)

For example, the Windows or OS X username and password used to log onto the network.

NOTE: HP Digital Filing does not support Active Directory.

For Scan to Email, Fax to Email

A valid email address

Outgoing SMTP server information

An active Internet connection

If you are setting up Scan to Email or Fax to Email on a computer running Windows, the setup wizard

can automatically detect the email settings for the following email applications:

Microsoft Outlook 2003–2007 (Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7)

Outlook Express (Windows XP)

Windows Mail (Windows Vista)


HP Digital Solutions 13

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Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7)

Qualcomm Eudora (version 7.0 and above) (Windows XP and Windows Vista)

Netscape (version 7.0) (Windows XP)

However, if your email application is not listed above, you can still set up and use Scan to Email and

Fax to Email if your email application meets the requirements listed in this section.