HP Officejet Pro 8610 - Previously used ink cartridge installed

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Previously used ink cartridge installed

The ink cartridge identified in the message was previously used in a different printer.

You can use ink cartridges in different printers, but if the cartridge was left outside of a printer for an

extended period of time, the print quality of your documents might be affected. Also, if you use ink

cartridges that have been used in a different printer, the ink level indicator might be inaccurate or


If the print quality is unsatisfactory, try cleaning the printheads.

NOTE: Ink from the cartridges is used in the printing process in a number of different ways,

including in the initialization process, which prepares the printer and cartridges for printing, and in

printhead servicing, which keeps print nozzles clear and ink flowing smoothly. In addition, some

residual ink is left in the cartridge after it is used. For more information, see www.hp.com/go/


For more information about storing ink cartridges, see Order ink cartridges on page 101.


Previously used ink cartridge installed 223